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Our Focus

At Forbion Capital Partners we invest in Life Sciences and Biomedical Technology companies developing world-class drugs and technologies, with a clear focus on product development.


The Forbion team is specialized in the evaluation of late stage preclinical / early stage clinical development programs. We focus on companies that have innovative technologies and drug development programs with unique advantages over current treatments. Furthermore, we invest in medical device companies with a special focus on interventional devices in cardiology, gastroenterology and pulmonology that are close to market approval.


Our involvement continues beyond the initial investment. We work closely with scientists, academic institutions, entrepreneurs and industry experts to accelerate the development and to optimize the commercial potential of our portfolio company's products and technologies.


The Forbion team began operating in 2000 as ABN AMRO Capital Life Sciences, the venture arm of ABN AMRO Bank NV. In December 2006 the group broadened its investor base, became independent, and changed its name to Forbion Capital Partners. Throughout this time the Forbion team made new investments and has successfully divested from a series of companies, including PneumRx, Santaris, Biovex, Pathway, Impella, Alantos, Glycart, Acorda, Argenta, Fovea and Borean.


Current funds under management exceed EUR 540M, split between five active funds and comprising some 28 promising portfolio companies. FCF III recently had its first close at EUR 92M, the aim is to raise EUR 150-200M.


Part of the capital invested from Forbion Capital Partner’s funds is provided by the ERP-EIF facility and the LfA-EIF facility, which is managed by the European Investment Fund, and from the KFW through the ERP - Venture Capital Fondsfinanzierung facility.


Forbion closely collaborates with BioGeneration Ventures, a Netherlands-based venture capital firm investing in Dutch start-up and early stage life sciences companies.



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"The Forbion team is highly approachable - and once decided to make an investment they show extraordinary tenacity and insight to make it happen. Allecra has a real partner in Forbion, not merely another investor."

Nicholas Benedict
CEO, Allecra Therapeutics, Germany
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  • Investment Team

    Having invested and worked together since 2000, the Investment Team has a broad strategic network of relationships and has been active on a combined 49 boards of Forbion portfolio companies. The principals typically take a collaborative approach to reviewing transactions that leverage their combined clinical, financial, operational and management expertise.

    "We empower entrepreneurs to foster healthcare innovation."
  • Holger Reithinger, Ph.D.

    General Partner

    Phone+49 172 252 9032 VCardDownload vCard
    "We partner with innovation-driven entrepreneurs to build successful businesses."
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  • Philip Astley-Sparke FSA

    Venture Partner

    "True innovation is driven by a small minority who are able to create precedent rather than follow it."

    Managed portfolio companies

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  • Cyril Lesser, MSc


    Phone+31 35 699 3020

    Cyril joined Forbion Capital Partners in October 2009 as Controller. His main focus lies in the financial and treasury operations as well as the accounting and tax reporting for all Forbion Capital partners’ entities.

    Prior to joining Forbion Capital Partners Cyril was a Senior Account Manager at a Trust office where he was responsible for a team dealing with the accounting, financial and tax aspects of several companies.

    Cyril holds a master’s degree in International Financial Economics from the University of Amsterdam and a master’s degree in fiscal law from the Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Sander Slootweg MSc

    Managing Partner

    Phone+31 35 699 3015 VCardDownload vCard
    "Investing in the LS space can be very rewarding as financial success is often coupled to success for patients in new drugs and devices for high needs reaching the markets."
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  • Bart Bergstein MSc

    Senior Advisor

    Phone+31 6 5243 3294 VCardDownload vCard
    "The beauty of this industry is that success is often both financial success and success for humanity."
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  • Martien van Osch MSc

    Managing Partner

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    "Any ground-breaking idea needs the right recipe to become a commercial winner."
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  • Marco Boorsma, Ph.D.


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    "My favored ingredients to produce an extraordinary and successful innovative business? Optimal dosing of talent, entrepreneurship, and hard work."
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  • John J.P. Kastelein, MD PhD FESC


    Phone+31 20 566 6612

    Prof. Kastelein advises Forbion on the cardiovascular and metabolic disease space and presents Forbion with investment opportunities in these fields.


    Dr. John Kastelein is professor of medicine, chairman of the department of vascular medicine, and holds the Strategic Chair of Genetics in Cardiovascular Disease at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam. Dr. Kastelein is a member of the Steering Committees of numerous lipid lowering and cardiovascular intervention trials. His main interest is in the development of novel therapies for Cardiovascular Diseases and the genetic basis of dyslipidemia. Dr. Kastelein was awarded a doctorate in Medicine (with Honours) from the University of Amsterdam, trained in internal medicine at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, and trained in lipidology and molecular biology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He is president of the Dutch Atherosclerosis Society and the National Scientific Committee on Familial Hypercholesterolemia and also a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC). In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Dutch Heart Association prize of EUR 1 million and in 2011 the ZonMw Parel for his research in the field of gene therapy. 


  • Sander van Deventer MD Ph.D.

    Managing Partner

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    "We bridge the chasm that separates research and development."
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  • Rogier Rooswinkel, PhD

    Senior Analyst

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    "It always starts with good science, but only exits with good management."
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  • Kapil Dhingra, PhD


    Phone+1 973 7293560

    Dr. Dhingra advises Forbion on opportunities in the oncology space. His vast network within the Pharma industry is a key asset to the Forbion portfolio companies that he is involved with.


    Dr. Kapil Dhingra is a medical oncologist and a physician-scientist. He is the founder of KAPital Consulting, LLC, a consulting company dedicated to assisting biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies realize the full promise of scientific, clinical and commercial advances in oncology. He received his medical training at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India, followed by an Internal Medicine Residency at Lincoln Medical Center, New York, NY and a Hematology-Oncology fellowship at Emory University, Atlanta, GA. In 1989, he joined the faculty of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas where he pursued laboratory and clinical cancer research, in addition to his direct patient care responsibilities. Dr. Dhingra joined Eli Lilly and Company in 1996 as Clinical Research Physician. He joined Roche in 1999 and was promoted, in 2002, to Vice President, Oncology. He played a key role in the dramatic expansion of Roche oncology enterprise leading to Roche becoming the global leader in oncology. In 2007, he was appointed Leader, Disease Biology Leadership Team, within Roche’s R&D model. Dr. Dhingra holds several Board positions including at  Forbion’s portfolio company Exosome Diagnostics. He previously served on the Board of BioVex and Micromet.


  • G-J Mulder, MD

    General Partner

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    "Art and Science have always driven innovation and translation of socially relevant ideas, both provide a framework for investing with high-value impact."
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  • Avi Molcho MD MBA

    Venture Partner

    Phone+972 54 5555 957 VCardDownload vCard
    "The life of a startup is a rollercoaster. We have always been supportive of our companies through their ups and downs."

    Managed portfolio companies

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  • Vincent van Houten, MSc

    VP Finance

    Phone+31 35 699 3019

    Vincent van Houten joined Forbion Capital Partners in 2007 and since then played an active role in setting up and maintaining the Forbion investment funds. Vincent holds a Masters degree from the University of Amsterdam and has a Finance and Accounting background. His focus includes the financial and fiscal activities of Forbion. Vincent is responsible for financial, reporting and fiscal topics of the various Forbion funds, as well as for the Forbion group related topics. Vincent has experience in corporate and fiscal (re)structuring. In that respect Vincent also assists the Investment Team on portfolio related financial topics. Prior to joining Forbion he worked at a trust office. 

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  • Allecra Therapeutics

    CEO: Nicholas Benedict

    Phone  +41 79 592 2005

    Allecra Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company established in 2013 focussed on the development of novel treatments to combat multi drug-resistant bacterial infections.

    Forbion contact: Holger Reithinger, Ph.D.

  • AM-Pharma B.V.

    Rumpsterweg 6
    3981 AK Bunnik
    The Netherlands
    CEO: Erik van den Berg, MSc, MBA

    Phone  + 31 30 228 9222
    Fax  + 31 30 228 9220

    AM-Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company developing a novel recombinant human alkaline phosphatase for treatments of severe inflammatory mediated diseases. Alkaline Phosphatase plays a key role as an anti inflammatory agent in various disease pathways. The Company’s lead programs are for Acute Kidney Injury and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In 2015 AM-Pharma closed a staged acquisition by Pfizer of a total deal value of $ 600 million.

    Forbion contact: G-J Mulder, MD

  • Amakem N.V.

    BioVille, Agoralaan bldg. A bis
    3590 Diepenbeek
    CEO: Mr. Jack Elands

    Phone  +32 11 286-982
    Fax  +32 11 490-209

    Amakem is a kinase platform company focusing on ophthalmology, respiratory and gastroenterology. Amakem's product pipeline is based on its ‘Localized Drug Action' platform that generates novel kinase inhibitors that target a reduction in inflammation and fibrosis formation combined with a minimum systemic exposure with the aim to reduce side effects.

    Forbion contact: G-J Mulder, MD

  • arGEN-X B.V.

    Willemstraat 5
    4811 AH Breda
    The Netherlands
    CEO: Tim van Hauwermeiren, MSc, EMBA

    Phone  +31 10 70 38 441
    Fax  +31 10 70 38 440

    ArGEN-X focuses on the discovery and development of human antibodies using its proprietary SIMPLE Antibody (TM) platform. The platform generates a limitless source of extremely high quality human antibodies that modulate the function of disease targets, including complex receptors and highly conserved targets, that are not possible to generate with other antibody technologies. The Lead antibodies generated are further differentiated through enhancement of their cell killing properties (Potelligent® technology) and circulation time in the body (NHance™ technology). arGEN-X’s portfolio consists of novel programs addressing oncology, autoimmune and inflammation indications.

    Forbion contact: Sander Slootweg MSc

  • Argos Therapeutics, Inc.

    4233 Technology Drive
    Durham, NC 27704
    CEO: Jeff Abbey

    Phone  +1 (919) 287-6300

    Argos is focused on the treatment of metastatic cancers and chronic infections using a proprietary platform technology that stimulates immune cells with messenger RNA. The  company’s lead product is for the personalized treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma and is in phase III clinical development. A second product for therapeutic vaccination in HIV is in phase II development. Argos has also developed an interferon-neutralizing antibody for systemic lupus and has developed a CD83 Soluble Protein for Transplant Rejection/ Autoimmune Disorders in late preclinical development. Argos is listed on Nasdaq and traded under the symbol ARGS.

    Forbion contact: Sander van Deventer MD Ph.D.

  • ario pharma

    United Kingdom
    CEO: Tim Brears, PhD

    Phone  +44 (0)1223 493900
    Fax  +44 (0)1223 493901

    Ario Pharma is a clinical-stage company developing a novel therapeutic approach to overactive bladder, an area of significant unmet medical need. The Company’s development compound, XEN-D0501, targets a well-established, but not yet exploited mechanism for overactive bladder, and is about to start Phase two clinical development.

    Forbion contact: Sander Slootweg MSc

  • Autonomic Technologies Europe GmbH

    CEO: Ben Pless

    Autonomic Technologies Europe GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Autonomic Technologies, Inc. (ATI), a medical device company located in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on the development and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of autonomic disorders, particularly severe headache. The company’s initial product, the Pulsant microstimulator, is CE marked in Europe for the treatment of cluster headache. The device is also under an IDE study in the US for the treatment of chronic cluster headache. 

    Forbion contact: Martien van Osch MSc

  • Cellnovo Group SA

    26-28 Rue de Londres
    75009 Paris
    CEO: Sophie Baratte

    Phone  +33 1 78423535
    Fax  +33 1 78423500

    Based in France and the United Kingdom, Cellnovo has developed and markets a second generation insulin patch pump that helps make life easier for diabetics type 1. Compact, tubeless, intuitive and entirely connected, Cellnovo’s insulin pump comprises a mobile touchscreen controller with an integrated blood-glucose meter. This unique device allows optimal management of insulin injections whilst ensuring extensive freedom of movement and peace of mind for patients. Thanks to the automatic transmission of data, it also allows the patient’s condition to be continually monitored by family members and healthcare professionals.

    Cellnovo completed an IPO on July 10, 2015, at Euronext Paris, raising more than EUR 30 million.

    Forbion contact: Holger Reithinger, Ph.D.

  • Curetis AG

    Max-Eyth-Strasse 42
    71088 Holzgerlingen
    CEO: Oliver Schacht, PhD

    Phone  +49 7031 491950

    Curetis AG is a molecular diagnostic company focusing on the development and commercialization of a universal molecular diagnostics solution for easy-to-use, fast and reliable molecular disease testing. Curetis N.V. completed its IPO on November 11, 2015, in Amsterdam raising EUR 44 million.

    Forbion contact: Holger Reithinger, Ph.D.

  • enGene Inc.

    7171 Frederick-Banting
    Montreal, Quebec
    H4S 1Z9 Canada
    CEO: Anthony Cheung, PhD

    Phone  +1 604 221 4362
    Fax  +1 604 221 4369

    enGene has developed a proprietary DNA/ RNA delivery platform for the gut, which allows targeting of a wide range of diseases. The lead indication is in IBD.

    Forbion contact: Sander van Deventer MD Ph.D.

  • Exosome Diagnostics

    840 Memorial Drive, Suite 3
    Cambridge MA 02139
    CEO: Tom McLain

    Phone  +1 617 588 0500

    Exosome is a diagnostics company that started to commercialize its proprietary minimally-invasive, body fluid-based molecular diagnostics platform for use in companion diagnostic applications and real-time monitoring of actionable cancer markers. Its lead products target lung, prostate and solid cancers.

    Forbion contact: G-J Mulder, MD

  • gIcare pharma Inc.

    2202 Oxford
    Montréal, Québec, H4A 2X8
    CEO: Maxime Ranger

    Phone  +1 514 508 7014

    gIcare Pharma develops an innovative, orally-administered drug, GIC-1001, which provides colonic analgesia without the limitations and disadvantages of currently used agents. This new chemical entity is an opioid agonist capable of releasing hydrogen sulphide (H2S), a gaseous mediator providing multiple beneficial pharmacological effects. GIC-1001’s opioid agonist moiety induces viscerosensitivity modulation and exerts antinociceptive effects, which reduces the perception of pain caused by mechanical stimuli in the colon, such as colorectal distension and spasms.

    Forbion contact: Sander van Deventer MD Ph.D.